I wrote an opinion piece with Peter Coveney on the REF: https://www.timeshighereducation.com/opinion/ref-ruining-uk-research. Thanks to the amazing editor, Paul Jump.

Phys.org covers our research on the REF: https://phys.org/news/2023-03-uk-academics-churn-lower-quality.html

I’m very grateful to the Economist for posting my letter about the decline in research quality: https://www.economist.com/letters/2023/02/02/letters-to-the-editor

Steinway ist der Roman meiner Mutter, erschienen nur auf Deutsch bei Matthes & Seitz Berlin https://www.lovelybooks.de/autor/Rongfen-Wang/Steinway-5256260743-w/   Beginnen wir am Ende. Die Hauptfigur, die Komponistin Cheng, hat Gefängnis und Kulturrevolution überlebt und plant ihren Urlaub, ihre Tochter ist erwachsen und auf und dran, zum Studieren nach Amerika zu gehen. Aufbruch, Freiheit, Leichtigkeit ist in der

I hated competitions. I played the piano competitively when I was young, and I hated tournaments. The loneliness of winning, the bitterness of losing. How I envied my friends at the orchestra or on the football pitch who would play with each other, not against. Yet, competitions made us grow. Me, and the football team,

Aka FAQ: What is the most important advice you have for first-time parents?

Conferences are important to share your knowledge, get to know what others are working on, and, yes, networking. It is an important part of the academic job.It’s too bad that for many of us, the thought of conferences triggers old primal fears of high-school bullying.

Aka: What is the most important advice you have for first-time parents?

Communication: How to make sure people understand me?Integration: What to do with people who have no patience to listen to me? How to deal with people that make disparaging remarks about my accent or my language skills? How do I know that others truly accept me?Identity: How to stay true to myself while adapting to a new culture?

As with anything in life, preparation makes meeting with your advisor easier, more useful, and probably more pleasant for both of you.

Good luck and if I’m on the program contact me so that we can share babysitters.

Read the article here: https://www.timeshighereducation.com/news/ref-cycles-force-academics-rush-out-poorer-quality-research
Steven Hill issued a critical response: https://www.timeshighereducation.com/blog/response-do-ref-cycles-really-encourage-poorer-quality-research
Our discussion of Steven’s comments on the LSE research impact blog: http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/impactofsocialsciences/2018/03/15/looming-ref-deadlines-lead-to-a-rush-in-publication-of-lower-quality-research/

Do senders time information to take advantage of periods of high or low recipient attention? We explore this question with official US corporate information filings after-hours in our paper ‘Night Fever: Investor Inattention and the Timing of Corporate Filings’. The Oxford Business Law Blog covers my paper with Vicente here

Yes, I became more productive, and I can share how, in 5 steps.

  Start at Kew bridge (north of the Thames). Walk to the Thames and take the Thames path Eastwards. There a bunch of nice pubs here to take a drink to start your walk. Just after the railway bridge take a left up to Annie’s for a snack if you’re hungry. If you are interested

What do you do to improve research outsourcing?

This is an introduction I give to PhD students at LSE. If you would like to use Stata, please see this manual by the legendary Aditi Payasi: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1e853BnPUy7OGCn6x5VTA45pREcGjK8YDaeDMJX6XfYY/edit?usp=sharing   Why use SAS and not the WRDS online interface? Because you can change the data on the WRDS server before you download the output, which can

The proxy season 2016 is in full swing and again, our Finance students have made recommendations for selected AGMs.   This year’s recommendations involve healthcare conglomerate Smith & Nephew which has its AGM this Thursday, April 14.   Students judged Smith&Nephew’s performance positively but were concerned about their disclosure level regarding managerial remuneration. Check out

Eos was born January 30, 2015. She started nursery and I returned to work on June 1. So: what happened to work during my leave?

My advice to someone who is running an essay competition. Give an example, such as one of last year’s reports, a good article you can find online etc. Specify details of what information you expect (i.e. returns you can make over a 1-year horizon) Specify details of are the criteria for what you consider good

I’m proud to run a project on the second Science Hackathon! Call for applications here: http://sciencehackathon.com/ Our project is about long- vs. short-term incentives in science and research. We are going to use the REF to see its impact on faster vs. slower-paced disciplines. We are looking to assemble an interdisciplinary team with natural scientists,

Can we use metrics from the innovation literature to think about research evaluation? I would like to measure impact by more metrics than publication and citation count. Here are some suggestions I made at the COASP in Amsterdam. Longterm_incentives_Amsterdam 20150908

A brief overview of my work on long-term CEO incentives, prepared for “Bridging the gap: academics and practitioners debate current issues in governance” at the LBS, joint with ecgi and ICGN. Slides_Longterm_incentives_LBS

My guest blog on USApp. Read more.

Brookings on  “Strategic News Releases in Equity Vesting Months”. Read more