1. Start at Kew bridge (north of the Thames).
  2. Walk to the Thames and take the Thames path Eastwards.
  3. There a bunch of nice pubs here to take a drink to start your walk.
  4. Just after the railway bridge take a left up to Annie’s for a snack if you’re hungry.
  5. If you are interested in Catchment areas this is a good part of town to check out. It’s called Strand-On-The-Green and has an outstanding school.
  6. If you are interested in sports continue along the Thames to Dukes Meadows which is a giant place to play football, rugby, and golf.
  7. If not walk towards Chiswick station. This part of town is called Grove park and is nice to live in. It’s a little secluded and is for people who like a village feel.
  8. If it’s Sunday stop at the Chiswick farmers market at Alexandra Gardens. It has a nice Columbian snack stand.
  9. Then cross Burlington Lane to enter and walk through Chiswick House and Gardens. The café there is beautiful but the food not so special.
  10. Exit through the north exit at the highway and Dukes avenue. Cross the highway through the subway.
  11. Go up Dukes Avenue.
  12. Now: if you feel like a roast go through the Barley Mow passage at your left (just before the church) to the Lamb.
  13. If you feel like a drink turn right on Chiswick High Road and have a cocktail or aperitif at the Chiswick Fire Station.
  14. If you prefer a beer stop at the George IV, if weather permits in the garden.
  15. If you are interested in Catchment areas this is another good part of Chiswick to check out property (Belmont school).
  16. Otherwise take a right at Devonshire Road (at the corner of Lea & Sandman’s) and checkout the Frivoli shop.
  17. Have some cake at Urban Pantry.
  18. Go back to the High Road and check out the Old Cinema a bit to the Northeast of you.
  19. Dinner time now? Head to Charlotte’s Bistro on Turnham Green Terrace (the street at the Snappy Snaps).
  20. If you continue down the road there is an excellent sushi place on your left, though better for takeaway than a romantic dinner.

Other good food options:

  1. La Vacherin, which is a proper French Bistro and our favourite (that’s the place for the romantic dinner!)
  2. La Trompette, which has a Michelin star and is much cozier than it looks like from the outside
  3. Hedone, if you feel like more innovative food.
  4. Afterwards continue northwards through Turnham Green Terrace to the roundabout.
  5. To your right is a nice residential area called Bedford Park that you may check out if you are into cute Victorian houses with beautiful gardens.
  6. Continue Eastwards along Bath Road. You will pass the Arts School which has classes for dancing and acting.
  7. Finish at the Oak (it’s a bit of a walk there), my favourite pub of all times. They have pizza too if you are hungry by now.
  8. If you liked Chiswick so much that you would like to stay go north on Askew Road and stop at Haus properties, which is our real estate agency. http://www.hausproperties.co.uk/tenants.html