Disclaimer: These are excerpts from student assignments conducted as part of a Corporate Finance class. The opinions represented do not necessarily agree with mine. I do not vouch for the quality of the recommendations or the accuracy of the numbers. Follow the recommendations on your own risk.

Third set of voting recommendations by @LSEPKUSummerSch #CorpFin #students are for the #AGM of #YaoLee $HK406 on Monday

#students approve of current directors and share issuance proposals for #AGM of #YaoLee #CorpFin $HK406 #AGM

#students think current leverage high, share issuance can reduce potential cost of distress #CorpFin #Leverage $HK406 #YaooLee #AGM

#students point out long tenure of directors – are they still “independent”? #CorpGov $HK406 #YaooLee #AGM #boards

Proposal Excerpt of Student Recommendations
For Against
(2)To re-elect Directors and to authorise Directors’ remuneration.
  • The current directors have a lot of expertise and qualifications
  • Mr Chan is head of compensation committee – does he set his own compensation?
(4)Authorize share issuance
  • Yao Lee would do well reducing its leverage which is quite high currently
  • Yao Lee has just made a number of expensive investments and should implement these first before raising more money for investment
  • Given recent underperformance of the stock the time does not seem opportune for raising equity




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