Disclaimer: These are excerpts from student assignments conducted as part of a Corporate Finance class. The opinions represented do not necessarily agree with mine. I do not vouch for the quality of the recommendations or the accuracy of the numbers. Follow the recommendations on your own risk.

My @LSEPKUSummerSch #CorpFin #students gave voting recommendations for the #AGM of #KingForce $HK8315

#students call for more independent directors #AGM of #KingForce $HK8315 #board #election

@LSEPKUSummerSch #students think #KingForce current leverage too low (0), proposed share repurchase may be good first step to increase net debt #CorpFin #Leverage #KingForce $HK8315

Proposal Excerpt of Student Recommendations
For Against
(3)Director election
  • Directors seem qualified and performed well in the past
  • More independent directors could supervise the board better
(4)Authorization of share issuance/share repurchases
  • Current leverage is very low; share repurchases seem like good first step towards more leverage
  • Equity offering may dilute current shareholders, consider issuing debt instead
  • There is too little information about the motives of equity issuance or repurchases, or information on the previous acquisition and its performance




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